Shadow Figures

Bodyscapes #1 (nsfw)









Here is my first online collection of bodyscape photography.  It features photos from three different photo shoots spanning several years.  When I initially began venturing into artistic nude photography back in 2012, I started with bodyscapes because I wanted to focus on the female form without any other visual distractions.  I loved the idea of viewing the naked body in an almost abstract way and being able to enjoy the beauty without any overtly sexual connotations.  The single greatest inspiration to me as an artist is the female form and bodyscapes are probably the purest way to present the nude body as art in photography.

As a photographer, this was also one of the simplest ways to create artistic nude photography.  Being entirely self-taught, it was extremely helpful to me when I was first experimenting with nude art to be able to eliminate any unnecessary complications and limit the variables within the scene.  Boiling things down to a black backdrop, a single key light, and a nude model is about as simple as you can get.  And yet the resulting images are anything but simple.  So even as my experience in photography grew, I frequently returned to this basic setup.



Of course, there are only so many ways to photograph a prone body and there isn’t that much variation between models’ bodies, so eventually I did start looking for ways to expand this concept.  I wanted to keep the purity of the concept, but be able to inject more originality and creativity into the artwork.  Initially that meant having the models stand while they posed, which in turn led to incorporating movement and expanding the composition of the image beyond the torso, and then finally adding other elements like jewelry, fabric, and even clothing to take the images beyond simply figure nude.  And thus my Shadow Figures series was born.


Photography by Brian T. Wolf