Here I Go Again

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am going to be making some changes to how I publish my photography.  Finding the right way to share my work has been an ongoing struggle for me since my first photo shoot nearly a decade ago.  Over the years I have tried a number of e-commerce sites and self-publishing platforms, but none of them really worked for me.  Admittedly, some of this is my own fault.  I have high standards and am very particular about what I want, so figuring out a system that meets all my needs has been a complicated journey.

Submitting photos to magazines, either digital or print, has never really my thing.  It just isn’t important to me to be “published” by someone else.  I like the idea of art prints, but because so much of my photography is based around sets that tell a story, it’s hard for me to pick individual images to single out as a print.  I love the idea behind Patreon, a membership-based platform where I can share my art with fans who pay a monthly subscription, but I was never able to develop a consistent way to publish there that met my OCD needs for design and structure.  I’ve experimented with self-publishing over the years, most recently when I decided to publish my own magazine beginning in January.  Unfortunately, launching a full-blown digital magazine on my own during the middle of a global pandemic didn’t go very well.  There was just no way for me to produce the level of content for a full issue every month, or even every other month, that would live up to my high standards.  (That said, I don’t know if I will ever give up entirely on my dream of publishing a magazine someday.)

Frustrated by all of this, I have been taking a lot of time over the past couple of months to think about the best ways for me to share my photography.  And I think I have finally come up with some new strategies that are going to work for me.

Most of the conclusions I came to are essentially to improve many of the things I’ve already been doing.  I love posting pictorials on and will continuing to publish content here.  For a long time I was reluctant to post nude content here, for a variety of reasons, but I’ve decided to no longer put that arbitrary limitation on the photos in my pictorials.  However, I do not intend to create a massive catalog of photos on this site.  So, posts won’t be staying on here forever.  Of course, I will also continue posting photos on social media, primarily Instagram and Twitter.  And I still have plans for more content on YouTube.

The big new addition, though, which will take the place of both Patreon and the magazine, is Ōkami Arts: The Digital Collection.


This is a new ebook series that everyone will be able to purchase and download in a PDF format.  I’d like to publish one new volume every month or so, but there isn’t going to be a set schedule.  It will be based entirely on when I feel I have the right photos to complete a collection.

If you are a fan of my photography and want to help support the creation of new art, please consider purchasing your favorite volumes as they come out.